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Good Day Everybody,

Thank you for this website and I hope to have a lot of good conversations on this forum.

My name is Darren, I am from Dallas, TX, and I am a freelance web/mobile app developer. I have my own company, Dvelopin, LLC.

I have been digging in to iOS development now for about 4 years, and am going all in with this.

I have taken it a step further and am looking in to the world of Enterprise iOS Development. So I am really excited!

Thanks again for this awesome forum! Looking forward to chatting with y'all!

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Cheap sectional sofas 2016

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Generally, the reviews for the Coaster Metal Futon Frame have been quite positive, and it currently has an Amazon.com review rating of 4/5 stars.

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The Negative Reviews

We always like to include a summary of any negative feedback that has being attributed to the products that we review so that our readers can benefit from our unbiased perspective.

Unfortunately in the case of the Coaster Metal Futon Frame, it has received a number of different criticisms. One criticism that we found a few times was that the back of the futon does not fit flush against the wall and therefore it does not save as much space as it says it does in its product description.

Other complaints that have been made include that it is poorly made. One reviewer found that one of the wooden slats broke after only a month and then more slats broke a few months later. Also there have been reports of the mattress sliding off the frame.

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The Positive Reviews

On the other side of the coin there have being quite a few customers who are more than satisfied with the Coaster Metal Futon Frame.

One benefit of the product that customers really like is that it is quite comfortable if you use it with the correct mattress. Reviewers also appreciate how easy it is to change from couch to bed and vice versa. You can fold the futon out into a bed without having to move it away from the wall, which is a good time and effort saver. It is also light and easy to put together.


Would we recommend the Coaster Metal Futon Frame to our readers?

Probably not, and here is why:

Although many reviewers are very impressed with the product, we don’t feel comfortable recommending it to our readers because it has the propensity to break quite easily. However, we encourage our readers to look through the customer reviews in more detail so that they can make their own decision.

Alternatively, HERE is a great futon frame that we’re happy to recommend. It’s called the American Furniture Alliance Hermosa Metal/Wood Frame. It’s a gorgeous looking futon frame and has had some great feedback from reviewers. Have a look at the pictures of it and find out why so many customers love its appearance. Its list price is also lower than the Coaster Metal Futon Frame’s ad it has a 4.4/5 star Amazon.com review rating.


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