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Apple Configurator

Welcome to the GroundControl Forum

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Many of you know that I recently launched a product called GroundControl. It was designed to fill some of the all-too-familiar gaps in setting up and deploying iOS devices at scale. You know, the gaps that require lots of manual tapping to complete. Supervision, WiFi setup, MDM enrollment, iOS updates ... and on and on. GroundControl automates all of that, with fewer screen taps, maybe even zero taps.

When I founded Enterprise iOS I wanted it to become a community for iOS administrators to be able to freely ask questions and receive honest answers from real experience. Those questions and shared experiences — shared frustrations really — gave birth to GroundControl. What better place to host our Q&A forum?

Please post questions and experiences here. We'll do our best to answer honestly.

Thank you.
Aaron Freimark
Founder & CTO, GroundControl

Configurator Enterprise InHouse App Deployment Error

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Hi all,

I have made an App I built with Enterprise profil.

When I deploy this app, I have the error : "The application could not be verified."

AMDeviceSecureInstallApplication (thread 0x10b23b000): Could not install package on device: kAMDApplicationVerificationFailedError

How could I verify the app?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. Sorry for my bad English, I'm just a French Smile

Lotus Notes Traveler

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Has anybody used the Apple configurator to install Lotus Notes Traveler profiles?

Configurator constantly setting oncorrect time????

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Hi All,

I have a roll out of around 300 devices that have all been supervised before. However many of them have starting to get issues with the time, they're about 8 hours ahead. All devices have time and time zone set to auto, they're all on iOS 8.3 or 8.4. There is a mixture of iPhone 6's and iPad Air 2's.

Plugging into configurator doesn't set the time automatically. The time settings on there are all set to auto as well and location services are enabled. The time on the Mac is shown correctly.

When the timezone on the devices are changed to manual, which flicks it over to Los Angeles by default, the time is then correct (I'm in England). When it is set back to auto (which shows London) it then jumps forward another 8 hours.

I'm really hoping that I have missed something obvious here, because I'm at an absolute loss as to what to do. I've tried everything from moving the time around on the mac, disabling enabling location services, reformatting the devices.

Please help!!

Many thanks in advance,


Configurator 1.7.2 Requires iOS Update.

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After updating to Yosemite and the latest version of Configurator, I discovered that it is no longer an option to restore a device from backup without erasing it and updating to the latest available iOS. This could become an issue for us when iOS 9 is the latest available version but it has not been approved for use in our organization. Is anyone aware of a work-around for this without resorting to individual restores through iTunes?

We typically use backups to set restrictions in the settings menu, background image, group extra apps into a hidden folder, etc... So, it would add a good amount of time to each device configuration if we had to do these things manually.

Any help would be appreciated.

More iOS 9 enterprise announcements expected today at 11:00 PDT

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There wasn't a too much enterprise meat at yesterday's WWDC keynote buffet, but the feast isn't over yet! A session focused on enterprise and education is going to give us a lot more to chew on. The session begins at 11:00 San Francisco time, and if we are lucky it may be live-streamed for Apple Developer Program members.


What's New in Managing Apple Devices
Learn about the latest developments in managing Apple devices in large organizations. Learn the latest techniques to wirelessly configure settings, monitor compliance with policies, install apps and bulk configure devices with ease.

On the enterprise developer page, Apple is teasing a guide to "What's New — Coming Soon." By "Soon" I assume they mean "this afternoon." At the same time, as last year, Apple may be updating their prerelease reference guide for configuration profIles. It isn't updates yet, but when they do I'll post a summary here.

Apple announces iOS 9: Here are some enterprise-specific resources

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Apple today announced the next version of iOS — iOS 9 — at it's annual Worldwide Developers Conference. There's a lot of info posted on the usual news sites covering the marquee features. But there's also some great info available to the public, if you can find it. Never fear; I've found it for you.

(There's much more available if you are a member of the relaunched Apple Developer Program. Those are still under NDA so we won't be discussing them here.)

The public release notes contain a line I found to be quite interesting:



Known Issue
The AvailableOSUpdates MDM command fails on unsupervised devices as an unknown command. The command succeeds only on supervised DEP-enrolled devices.

Does that mean MDM will be able to manage iOS updates with iOS 9? One can hope.

Of course if you are in San Francisco for WWDC, join us at our annual WWDC meetup Wednesday night!

iOS 8.3 Configuration Profile additions (and one removal)

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So far, Apple's hasn't updated the Configuration Profile Reference for iOS 8.3. But we did a diff on Configurator-generated restrictions, and here is what we found:

'New to iOS 8.3

  • forceWatchWristDetection
  • allowFingerprintModification (Supervised only)

Removed from iOS 8.3

  • allowYouTube

If we figure out more we'll let you know.

Apple Configurator updated to 1.7.2 supporting new iOS 8.3 restrictions

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A big day for Apple updates today. Along with OS X 10.10.3 and iOS 8.3, Apple's released Configurator 1.7.2.


New in Configurator 1.7.2
This update requires OS X Yosemite v10.10.3 and iTunes 12 or later. It includes the following improvements:
Improved stability in OS X Yosemite v10.10.3

Support for the configuration profile options listed below

Accept cookies from websites I visit, or current website only iOS 8 and later  
Allow predictive keyboard iOS 8.1.3 and later Supervised only
Allow auto correction iOS 8.1.3 and later Supervised only
Allow spell check iOS 8.1.3 and later Supervised only
Allow definition lookup iOS 8.1.3 and later Supervised only
Force Apple Watch wrist detection iOS 8.2 and later
Allow modifying Touch ID fingerprints iOS 8.3 and later Supervised only
VPN options    
IKEv2 Certificate Type: RSA, ECDSA256, ECDSA384 and ECDSA521 iOS 8.3 and later  
IKEv2 EncryptionAlgorithm: AES-128-GCM and AES-256-GCM iOS 8.3 and later  
IKEv2 Diffie Hellman Group numbers: 19, 20 and 21 iOS 8.3 and later  

How to install
Apple Configurator 1.7.2 is a recommended update for all Apple Configurator users. This update is available from the Updates pane of the Mac App Store.

About Configurator
To create or install an iOS configuration profile, use Apple Configurator or a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution like Profile Manager (included with OS X Server).

Apple Configurator replaces iPhone Configuration Utility. With the the release of iOS 8, iPhone Configuration Utility is no longer supported or available for download. The ability to view the iOS console log (previously available in iPhone Configuration Utility) is a feature of the Xcode development tool and third-party applications.

(As an alternative to Apple Configurator, consider GroundControl.)

Quickly deliver iOS security updates with GroundControl 1.7

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Today GroundControl — the iOS fleet provisioning system — introduced a new and very powerful feature: GroundControl can now update the iOS firmware on your devices. Updates are cached, delivered as quickly as possible to your devices, and do not burden your WiFi network. Install critical Apple security updates to your entire fleet within 24 hours or less, without shipping to your depot.

Large fleets of mobile devices — such as in retail, transportation, or healthcare — typically require a labor-intensive mobile provisioning process, performed in a configuration depot. GroundControl dramatically simplifies that process, automating all processes to two steps: (1) Open the Box, (2) Plug it in. And its cloud-managed, distributed deployment model enables in-place reprovisioning, meaning you no longer need to ship devices back to the depot.

Like everything in GroundControl, the new iOS update feature is very customizable. To save time, payloads can be configured to update devices only below a specific version. Policies may be set up to patch only certain models, or at a handful of locations.

Note that when updating, GroundControl is able to install only the current Apple release. So no downgrading, folks. (This is a limitation from Apple, which adds the required cryptographic signatures to the current releases only.) And as a delivery mechanism, GroundControl won't help you prevent iOS updates. But there are other tricks on this site that may be useful to you.

For a demo or free trial, please use this form.

[Disclaimer: Aaron is both the admin of Enterprise iOS and the GroundControl CTO, but hey—we've got to pay the bills!]

Why doesn't Supervision stop an iPad from connecting to another Mac?

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Based on research and experience I thought once an iPad was Supervised it could not be connected to another computer. If done it would say something like "this device is supervised by another computer".

That said there is also the check box in "Prepare" when setting up Supervision to allow it sync to other computers. My understanding on this is that that is only for images and videos and Image Capture will pull that in. That function is working fine .

Now here is the rub, when I connect a Supervised device (and it shows that it is Supervised by....) under General> About it asks me if I'd like to Set up a new iPad or Restore. Again, no "this device is supervised" message. If I Set up as new then it basically syncs the iPad with the non AC hosting machine. I can then transfer files from within apps, add music etc... That is NOT how I understand a Supervised iPad to work.

When I choose restore from back up and apply my personal iPad back up, sure enough I can do that to.

What am I missing, or what has changed. Supervised besides being a dynamic app deployment and profile creation tool should as I said earlier also prevent someone from doing what I stated I did. My last test will be to uncheck that box in "Prepare" tab but curious if anyone has any thoughts on this?



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GroundControl is a unique product for imaging fleets of corporate-owned iPads and iPhones, especially shared devices. We complement MDM by managing iOS updates, touch-free MDM enrollment, supervision, and by restoring a good deal of device content.

GroundControl and were both started by Aaron Freimark, with immense support from Tekserve.

Downloading iOS 8.1.2 (and populating Configurator)

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Is it possible to download the iOS update into configuratior without connecting an iPad to it? Evey time I try to prepare an iPad, it starts downloading the update and states that "connection was lost and unable to finish downloading"

Any thoughts?

Apple Configurator 1.6 - cannot restore backups

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I have already upgraded to AC 1.6, and since the upgrade, I've noticed that I'm unable to restore ANY saved backup.

So far I've tried:

  • Multiple backups,
  • Multiple different devices
  • I've deleted and reinstalled AC
  • I have created a new backup using AC 1.6
  • Deleted the cached iOS (now that the device is wiped when restoring backups - that's another rant altogether!)

Is anybody else able to do this using AC 1.6?


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What is Supervision?

Supervision was introduced by Apple in iOS 5 to differentiate institutionally-owned iPhones and iPads from personally-owned devices. Supervision is enabled using Apple Configurator, Device Enrollment Program — if purchased directly from Apple — or by GroundControl.

Supervision offers tremendous benefits to enterprises and institutions. It unlocks more than 20 additional management features, including single app mode, silent app push, and always-on VPN. Supervision also allows IT departments to restrict many features not appropriate for corporate-owned or shared devices, such as AirDrop, Messages, Handoff, and even Erase.

Despite the benefits, the supervision process had been too cumbersome for most organizations. According to a major MDM provider, fewer than 10% of all institutionally-managed devices are supervised.

Supervision features by iOS release:

  • App Lock (Single App Mode)
  • Global HTTP Proxy
  • Block iBookstore, iMessages
  • Block Game Center


  • Block AirDrop, AirPlay, etc.
  • Disallow Host Pairing
  • Activation Lock Bypass
  • Autonomous Single App Mode
  • Web Content Filter
  • Set background & lock screen
  • Silent App Push


  • Always-On VPN
  • Prevent Cloud Sync
  • Prevent Spotlight Internet results
  • Prevent Handoff
  • Prevent Erase
  • Prevent Restrictions UI
  • Prevent installation of Configuration Profiles by UI


  • Prevent News
  • Allow managed app installation exclusively
  • Prevent keyboard shortcuts
  • Prevent passcode modification
  • Prevent device name changes
  • Prevent wallpaper changes
  • Prevent automatic app downloads
  • Prevent changes to enterprise app trust
  • Prevent Apple Music
  • Prevent Mail Drop
  • Treat AirDrop as managed destination
  • Prevent pairing with a watch


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