mobilEcho — Mobile File Management

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The Concept

  • Access file servers from iPad as easily as from your Windows or Mac laptop
  • Secure (encrypt) the data at rest and data in motion
  • Manage over the air (OTA) the configuration of mobilEcho

The mobilEcho Solution

  • Server – software that runs on Windows to proxy the file access of the iPad apps based on existing Access Control Lists (ACLs)
  • Protocol – designed specifically for mobile users with limited bandwidth, high performance expectations and to encrypt traffic at all times
  • App – that provides Windows Explorer / Mac Finder like navigation of file servers, preview and open in encryption of all files and configuration data and
  • Management – governs mobilEcho app behavior with configuration templates for each Active Directory (AD) User or Group

Set Up

  • Download and install the mobilEcho server software available from Group Logic
  • Define configuration "Profiles" for AD Users and/or Groups that need file access

  • Download to the iPad the mobilEcho app which is free from the App Store
  • Configure mobilEcho over the air based on your Active Directory Group Membership


  • Browse files and folders on the server
  • Preview files and open in other apps for editing
  • Save files created or edited on the iPad to the server
  • Store files locally for offline use


  • Enhance mobile user productivity
  • Access existing files (content) on storage your organization controls and manages
  • Avoid paying for redundant cloud storage
  • Maintain security and governance of your organization's information
  • Empower remote management of files on mobile devices

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