Carrots and Sticks

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"Carrots and Sticks" is a methodology of balancing the "stick" of security-enhancing restrictions with the "carrot" of user access to otherwise restricted data.

By design, users may opt-out of Mobile Device Management at any time. Settings > General > Profiles > Global MDM Profile > Remove. Individual configuration profiles may be password protected, but the root MDM certificate is always removable without anything more than the device passcode. And once that is removed, all child profiles are also removed. There is no programmatic way to prevent this.

One solution is to make MDM more attractive for the users. These are the "carrots." Here are some ways to do that.

  • Deploy managed apps (new to iOS 5) using MDM. Managed apps are sent over the air as art of the MDM package. If MDM is removed, these apps can be set to disappear as well.
  • Develop in-house apps using Apple's iOS Developer Program, and distribute the deployment certificate only by MDM.
  • Use a Public Key Infrastructure to grant access to VPN, Exchange, Wi-Fi, etc. Deploy user credentials through MDM only.
  • Slightly different than using PKI to grant access to corporate resources, more MDMs are offering DMZ based components to their solution which are in-line proxies prior to their Exchange, Domino, Office365, Google Apps services. These proxies/filters check with the MDM to ensure compliancy prior to allowing the device through. By using this, users are blocked & required to enroll in MDM to get to the corporate email resources.

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