Apple Data Protection

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In the world of iOS corporate deployments, there is always a question about how the data is protected on those devices.

The Apple’s answer to that problem is called : Data Protection. A generic term that would need some explanation. I’d like to gather here the state of knowledge about that feature, so everybody can understand what « Data Protection » really is.

To make it simple, since iPhone 3GS every iOS device produced includes a dedicated AES-256 cryptographic chip that is used by the OS itself or third-party applications using some APIs.

The OS uses this chip to encrypt all data on the device using the UID (which is unique) of the device to generate the encryption key.

Data Protection is only an additional layer that allow (or force) the user, by choosing a passcode, to protect the iOS encryption key itself.

Here are some of the most interesting articles/documents on that subject so that you can get a better idea of what Data Protection really is and what it can do:

And we maintain a List of Apps that support Apple Data Protection.

(originally via iOS4Business.)

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