AppleID - i`m still not get it

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Hello folks.
First of all - i`m can`t believe that every iOS user need AppleID in corporate environment. Why? I tell you.
My problem is:
I have 20-30 iPads (iOS 9 and 10) and i need support them remotely (we have branches in 20 cities).

If i just give those devices to user and he (or she) will use personal AppleID, then when user will leave company we can face a problem with Activation Lock.

If i use corporate AppleID, then i need to tell password to user, because when iOS update or just reboot, AppStore will ask for that. And we still can face the Activation Lock (in sabotage scenario from fired user) or some .. ransom-fraud?.. if stupid user let for someone to know password.

I just need sometimes push our apps (from public AppStore) to this devices and see its location.
Ok, i have one OS X and i can setup a simple MDM with Profile Manager. Is it absolutely necessary to use AppleID on those iPads?
Can you to advice me something?

Hi Apple Geeks, Scott Miller here

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Hi guys, I am scott miller from LA. Hope that you all are doing fine. I just joined the forum and checked some posts. Great community it is Smile

Hoping to get help and then pay that back by helping others. I am a geek and runs a tech site that covers all things Apple as main.

Thanks, waiting for your warm welcome comments Smile

VPP Invite To Program does not work on iPads

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Recently we noticed that the Invite To Program command or the Invitation URL does not render properly in iPads. The links should redirect to App Store where the user will be shown Terms and Conditions to accept and join the VPP Program for the organization.
Instead, these links open in Safari and remain there un-rendered. Refer the below image:

This has been raised by several of our customers recently. We have noticed this issue in both iOS 9.2.1 and iOS 9.3.2 version iPads. In iPhones, there are no issues at all.

Have you guys noticed any such behavior lately? Are there any workarounds?



You already know the Flow Speed Control app

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Take control of the speed of your videos. Flow let you manipulate time and give you new perspectives on your recorded moments.
Combining high speed and slow motion techniques you will be able to create stunning videos.

Flow is intuitive and super easy to use, just add and move control points up and down so the video will go gradually faster or slower it's recorded speed.

Or get it at the AppStore for free: https://itunes.apple.com/br/app/id946716690

Hope you enjoy it !

Flow Pad

Latest Apple iDevices Information

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vShare app is one of the most important apps that a huge number of iPhone users desire, because this app enables the users to get an immense collection of free apps that are not available in the Appstore. Features of install vShare for iOS 9 without jailbreak

visit: www.iphonejailbreakios9.com

Install IOSEmus app on iOS 9 is actually a web app which allows you to install great apps, emulators and games on iOS without jailbreak. The different apps like vShare, nds4ios, DownCloud, PlayBox HD, Movie Box PPSSPP, f.lux can be installed through iOSEmus without jailbreak.

add devices to DEP

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I just set up DEP for my company. I discovered that the Ipads were not purchased from Apple or vendor that can enroll the purchased ipads into DEP.

I also have a Ipad's coming in from another vendor that will be enrolling the ipads we purchased from them into DEP.

1. What is the process to get the older ipads into DEP? Apple Enterprise basically told me i was SOL and my vendor could not help me.

2. What issues will I have if a portion of my fleet is not in DEP? I will still have both sets of Ipads into Airwatch cloud for my MDM.



sideloading Network ID into Meraki SM agent.

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We currently use Meraki as a basic MDM for our Ipads.

I am currently setting up a cloud instance of AIrWatch to use. I am being asked if I can keep the Meraki SM agent on the ipad.

We only use Meraki to track the localtion of the Ipad as of this time.

Is it a bad practice putting two MDM's on a device? Eventually Meraki will be removed from the device.

I would also like to know if its possible to push out the Merkai SM from Airwatch with the Network ID?

Thanks for any input.

I just set up DEP last week, only to discover i have a lot devices that were not purchased from Apple or a DEP reseller.

That is another project.

iPad Pro released today...first iPad for the desktop?

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Courtesy of Horace at Asymco.

Track AirDrop Traffic

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Anyone else having an issue of students changing the name of their iPad, sending inappropriate pictures via AirDrop and then quickly changing the name of their iPad again? I'm wondering if there's a way to track AirDrop traffic. Is this difficult because it's Bluetooth over Wi-Fi?

We are using Casper and had our iPads enrolled before the option to force iPad names was added. Also, students can still change iPad names even if this is option is enabled in the pre-stage enrollment. It will default back to the forced name after each inventory update.


iOS 9 available September 16, new iPhones, bigger iPad Pro, new iPad mini 4, new Apple TV with apps...

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Lots and lots today at the Apple announcements. This big one for this crowd is this:

iOS 9 available September 16

It's coming, and hopefully you've been up to speed on Apple's iOS 9 Checklist. (OK Seriously who has time for this?). Apple today not only released the Gold Master of iOS 9, they released the first beta of iOS 9.1. Time stops for no one.

The new Apple TV, available "Late October" comes with "tvOS" and runs Apps. Enterprise Apps are usable too, according to the updated license agreement. Does this mean MDM support for apps to Apple TVs?

Two new iPhones — 6s and 6s Plus — come 3D Touch (new gestures), Touch ID 2 (faster), better camera (12M pixels & 4K video), LTE Advanced and quicker WiFi. And pink.

A new 12.9" iPad Pro, with optional accessories Apple Pencil, and Smart Keyboard for those of you with Surface envy. No, that can't be the case, because Apple put Microsoft on stage to demo Office for iPad just after its introduction. (Which looks very cool using Excel and Word side-by-side.)

In case five iPad models makes your eyes cross, Apple has published an iPad comparison that may help. From what I can tell, there are 23 different combinations of capacity, size, and networking. And I'm skipping color options.

What did I miss?

iOS9 iPad Management

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Please delete... duplicate thread.

iOS app for specific devices

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Hi Guys,

We are working on a kids app similar to Talking Ben app. It has lots of JPEG image sequences in it for interactive animations.

The thing is the animations are playing fine on iPad Air but they are playing slow or lagging on iPad 2. This is obviously due to the 512 MB RAM in iPad 2.

My question is can we mention in the app description something like - "Recommended devices iPad 3 or later" so that users dont download it on iPad 2 ? Does Apple allows this ?

Or can we straight away submit app for only iPad 3 or later devices ?

Whats the legal method for this ?

In short, I want to restrict my app to be downloaded in iPad 2.

Please help guys.


How To Handle A Gift of 50 iPads

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Just joined this group and I ask for your forbearance - I'm new to all this.

I work for an agency that serves people with developmental disabilities and we have about 55 locations in Westchester County, NY. Some generous peopel gave us a donation of 50 iPads and I'm trying to rationally deploy them! I'd like to be able to synch them remotley for iOS and app updates to avoid a lot of travel. The devices would be shared at the remote locations amongst several clients and the slection of apps would be limited to about 20 or so. Of course, since we're a non-proift, funds are limited, so whatever solutions are available, they must be affordable.

Thanks for your input.


P.S. Any suggestions for iPad cases without covers that would be durable?

3GB Content // 5000 files -

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Just throwing it out there to see what other people are doing.

I run IT for a company that deploy iPads. We put content onto an App that we have built.

What is the best/easiest way to transfer 5000 files (around 3GB of .mp4/.mp3/.jpeg) to 30 devices... directly into the Apps document folder. I.E syncing directly to com.yourcompany.**appname** / Documents.

Currently we are using a program called IBP - however I find it fairly unreliable.

Have tried doing it with Configurator, However I find that crashes almost 95% of the time mid sync.

Any help or ideas would be most appreciated!

Apple Finally Kills off iPad 2 - Relaunches 16GB iPad 4 with Retina Display

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I'm glad it's finally gone. It's a much better deal.

The 16GB iPad 4 is priced at £329/$399.

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