iOS 8 Web Content Filter Plugins

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Does anybody have any more information on the 3rd-party options for Web Filtering in iOS 8 (mentioned here)? I haven't heard any news since the release of iOS 8, where it was promised that there would be powerful extensions to to allow for more robust filtering by device. The current implementation left over from iOS 7 is unusable, since it blocks nearly all https:// traffic. I was really hoping to have an option that allowed me to just remove the "clear history" options and specify a blacklist only for students who have lost some web browsing privileges.

3GB Content // 5000 files -

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Just throwing it out there to see what other people are doing.

I run IT for a company that deploy iPads. We put content onto an App that we have built.

What is the best/easiest way to transfer 5000 files (around 3GB of .mp4/.mp3/.jpeg) to 30 devices... directly into the Apps document folder. I.E syncing directly to com.yourcompany.**appname** / Documents.

Currently we are using a program called IBP - however I find it fairly unreliable.

Have tried doing it with Configurator, However I find that crashes almost 95% of the time mid sync.

Any help or ideas would be most appreciated!

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