You already know the Flow Speed Control app

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Take control of the speed of your videos. Flow let you manipulate time and give you new perspectives on your recorded moments.
Combining high speed and slow motion techniques you will be able to create stunning videos.

Flow is intuitive and super easy to use, just add and move control points up and down so the video will go gradually faster or slower it's recorded speed.

Or get it at the AppStore for free:

Hope you enjoy it !

Flow Pad

Can Enterprise App Read its MDM Configuration file

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I have the following situation -

There is a school which distribute number of iPads to students, which deploy in-house app for student.
Basically the app will display the PDFs, Images and Videos form remote server.

Now the challenge is that, Class 1 student needs to fetch PDfs, Images and Videos form one link
where as Class 2 student needs to fetch PDfs, Images and Videos form another link.

Hence the app need to know which device group, the current device is enrolled into.
And the device Groups info is set via MDM server.

So the question is - is there anyways enterprise app can get information from MDM server about the device group it is enrolled in, so that it can change its app feature as per device group ?


Unable to Redeem code for App Click OK to confirm you are over 17 ?

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We've been doing many Configurator deployments in schools and have managed to iron out most issues as we come across them but we've found one we can't work out.

Recently in a new school deployment we purchased the app iCab Mobile Browser and added the license file into Configurator. The app looks fine in Configurator until you open the license window where it starts to show an error.

We're getting two errors when we try to refresh with this app.

Unable to redeem code with the iTunes Store (code 38)
Click OK to confirm that you are 17 or over. (Code Innocent

Has anyone seen this type of thing before?

List of apps which support iOS 7 managed application configuration

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Hi mobile community,

is there a list, forum, webpage that tryies to consolidate App Storw apps which can be configured by MDM solutions using the iOS 7 managed app configuration feature?

Thanks & regards - Oliver

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