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Meraki MDM and OSX Apps - Help!

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I manage our districts iPads using the Meraki MDM and now I want to be able to push Mac Apps to new teacher Macbooks. My issue is I cannot seem to get the App assigned to the Macbooks.

Here's what I've done.
1. Added devices to our Apple Device Enrollment account and assigned them to our MDM server.
2. I purchased the Mac App in VPP.
3. Synced the app in the Meraki MDM
4. Granted license to users
5. Added app to Meraki App management with custom tag identifying the app
6. Added the custom tag as the scope for installation.
Here is where it gets fun, once the tag is added, the clients in scope remain 0.
Confirmed on the Mac that app is assigned to the Apple Id, as it allows me to install it manually, but I want to be able to deploy it like we do for iPad apps.

This is the 1st time I have tried to deploy an OSX app, Up to this point we were only doing iPad apps. I have scoured the Meraki site and Google for more info, and no luck. So I am hoping someone has done this or can confirm that what I want to do is not possible.

Here is the app I am trying to push to the Macbooks.AntiVirus Sentinel Pro

I noticed that in Meraki, the Platform is Identified as IOS but when going to the Itunes App page it is an OSX app, When I can the scope and select an iPad it accepts the tag and updated the scope correctly. Did I import the app into Meraki incorrectly? On the Macbook it shows up as a Mac app.

Any help would be appreciated, I can do a manual install on the 30+ Macs if I need to, but hoping it's a simple mistake or missed step on my part.

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