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Deano's Confused!

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Hi All,

Looks like I've finally found an forum that talks about the important stuff in iOS land instead of the new Jet Black iPhone 7 and how it will get tiny scratches on it if you don't put it in a case!

I'm embarking on a journey to tidy up the use of iOS devices in our company and it's bloody confusing! MDM, Apple Configurator, VPP..... I need help!

If someone could point me in the direction of some threads that will help address the following challenges it would be much appreciated.

Company issued iOS devices and Apple Id's - our admin girls have looked after issuing these up until now and I've just ignored it but from what I've found i should be able to use VPP or Apple Configurator 2 to use a company Apple Id to keep control of the device? And I'm fairly certain I don't want to go down the path of DEP.

App deployment - We're about to subscribe to Azure AD Premium which includes M$ InTune, and while it looks great it seems to rely on having the install package for each app rather than linking with the App Store. Is it possible to get the packages? And what if the package you have isn't compatible with all used versions of iOS?

Version Locking - Is it possible to lock devices to a version of iOS to avoid compatibilty issue?

In general, I'm starting from scratch (Except for InTune) and any assistance would be appreciated!

Thank in advance.

AppleID - i`m still not get it

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Hello folks.
First of all - i`m can`t believe that every iOS user need AppleID in corporate environment. Why? I tell you.
My problem is:
I have 20-30 iPads (iOS 9 and 10) and i need support them remotely (we have branches in 20 cities).

If i just give those devices to user and he (or she) will use personal AppleID, then when user will leave company we can face a problem with Activation Lock.

If i use corporate AppleID, then i need to tell password to user, because when iOS update or just reboot, AppStore will ask for that. And we still can face the Activation Lock (in sabotage scenario from fired user) or some .. ransom-fraud?.. if stupid user let for someone to know password.

I just need sometimes push our apps (from public AppStore) to this devices and see its location.
Ok, i have one OS X and i can setup a simple MDM with Profile Manager. Is it absolutely necessary to use AppleID on those iPads?
Can you to advice me something?

Seeking EMM/MDM that can update, change, push apple id to ios devices

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I'm currently working with 130ish ios devices across 34 locations. The devices are shared between users at the locations so I have an apple id for each location and configure the devices in that location with the apple id. I would really really like a way to be able to remotely assign apple ids to devices through EMM or MDM. Does anyone know of any solution that offers that capability?



MDM invitation accepting

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Thanks to all the people on this forum I've been able to create and verify 500 AppleIDs. I now have the task of enrolling them in our MDM. As I have used + addressing for the AppleIDs all the email invitations go to one mailbox. I've attempted to cannibalise the creation and verification scripts that already exist and can get it click on the link in the email, this opens the Mac App Store and prompts the user to log in. The script fills the email and password out and clicks OK. This is where I get a problem. The App Store then just loads a blank page with the message

Your request produced an error.

but the account seems to be signed in. Has anyone seen this or can shed any light on why it's happening?

Apple ID AppleScript for Netherlands

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Hope someone can help and save me a lot of time Smile

We are enrolling 100-200 devices a month. We have to create the Apple ID's one by one. I have tried the Apple ID batch creator last year, but it didn't work with creating Apple ID's outside US. Recently I saw the 2.0 update and tried the script a few times, but every time a get an error. The script opens iTunes and tries to download iBooks, but I get the next error: splitter group 1 of splitter group 1 of window 1 of application process "iTunes" Tried a few scripts, but I am not that technical to understand scripting.

So I hope someone can help me to create an working script to create Apple ID's in batch in the Netherlands iTunes Store. My gratitude will be great Party

Thanks a lot!

Apple ID verification script

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I created a script that uses Mail and Safari to automatically verify Apple IDs.

It 'should' work! I've verified a few hundred AppleIDs. I am using it in the UK, so don't know if there are any localization issues.

Read the instructions first. If you have any issues let me know.

If you find this useful and would like to thank me, you could perhaps get a Copy (dropbox like service) account through my referral link - but you don't have to!

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