iOS 9.3 gave us iOS 10's enterprise management features — six months early

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Hello again all! Sorry I haven't been posting up-to-the-minute updates from WWDC as I have in the past. The new company has me pretty busy. However I did attend yesterday's presentation on What's New in Apple Device Management. Apple has already posted a video of the presentation online.

The session was mostly a recap of what arrived in iOS 9.3. There's a good reason for that: iOS 9.3 delivered an uncommonly huge number of new features for enterprises. The way I see it, it's like we got to open our presents early.

There are a handful of new things in iOS 10, too. If you want a summary, I recommend Jack Madden's recap.

What are your thoughts?

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CallKit API is intriguing for

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CallKit API is intriguing for VoIP enabled businesses. I'm interested to see how much this feature is actually used. It might come down to the implementation.

We'll be tracking iOS 10 and macOS MDM-related updates as they break here:

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