iOS 9.2 + MDM apps = bad things?

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Apple has published a knowledge base article identifying a problem with the iOS 9.2 update released last week:

If apps don‘t finish installing using Mobile Device Management (MDM) and iOS 9.2

When you use Mobile Device Management (MDM) to install an app in iOS 9.2, the installation might not finish.

This can happen if the MDM server requests the list of managed apps on the device before the installation is complete. Other MDM commands to your device will succeed unless they are behind an incomplete installation. To resolve the issue, clear the MDM server queue of any of the following commands:

  • Installing or updating apps (InstallApplication)
  • Returning the list of managed apps (ManagedApplicationList)

Apple plans to resolve this issue in a future software update.

MDM providers I spoke with today said the 9.2 update is causing "havoc" with customers. Note that Apple is still signing iOS 9.1, so updated devices can still be downgraded.

The (non-NDA protected) Developer portal today listed iOS 9.2.1. No public word yet on whether 9.2.1 fixes this MDM issue. (But I would wager it does.)

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Your wager would be correct.

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Aaron, your wager would be correct. Wink

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Yes, iOS 9.2.1 whenever Apple

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Yes, iOS 9.2.1 whenever Apple launches it. There's nothing much MDM vendors can do without crippling the experience.

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Apple have stopped signing iOS 9.1 now...

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Apple have stopped signing iOS 9.1 now, so the timely release of fix (iOS 9.2.1) is even more important for MDM users.

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Silents from Apple

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No news from Apple completely crippling all net new and break fix Apple devices on MDM systems, they should consider reinstate the signing of 9.1 iOS

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9.2.1 is out!

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We have tested and 9.2.1 fixes all the MDM app install issues!



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