Changes with SimpleMDM, the low-cost mobile device and app management solution

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SimpleMDM gets a new look

Today, when you login to SimpleMDM, you'll be greeted with a new design. Manage your assets with ease with an updated and simplified, yet powerful interface.

OS X management is now available

Begin managing your Apple desktop and laptops computers in the same interface as your other Apple assets with SimpleMDM.

All accounts - All features

All accounts will receive advanced features including supervised support previously only available with SimpleMDM Pro. Set up VPP tokens, Web Content Filters, Global HTTP Proxies and more and receive account support regardless of the size of your account.

Accounts that have more than five (5) devices and are not a paying account will be required to provide a credit card today order to continue managing devices and apps using SimpleMDM.

You can learn more and create your free account to enroll a new device within 3 minutes by checking out the SimpleMDM website at:

I would love to hear your feedback and thoughts on the product, and I hope you find it useful for you and/or your organization!

Erin Grimm

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