iOS 8.3 Configuration Profile additions (and one removal)

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So far, Apple's hasn't updated the Configuration Profile Reference for iOS 8.3. But we did a diff on Configurator-generated restrictions, and here is what we found:

'New to iOS 8.3

  • forceWatchWristDetection
  • allowFingerprintModification (Supervised only)

Removed from iOS 8.3

  • allowYouTube

If we figure out more we'll let you know.

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can't really get my head

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can't really get my head around what this is for;
allowFingerprintModification (Supervised only)

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Aaron Freimark

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I don't know. I can't figure that out either. A back door for an overreaching mobility admin?

Aaron Freimark, Enterprise iOS founder & GroundControl CEO

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Fingerprint mod

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Its to protect defined fingerprints in the database in so they can't be replaced or added to; or alternatively, to prevent fingerprints being used to lock the device. That's my take.


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