Apple working to make Bonjour compatible with enterprise networks

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According to Network World, Apple is working to make Bonjour compatible with enterprise networks. Apple is proposing an IETF working group to propose improvements.

Bonjour, Apple's marketing name for Multicast DNS, was designed with home network in mind. In larger networks, certain problems become apparent, as detailed in the petition by university network administrators:

  • Airplay does not work when Apple TV's and Apple client devices are on different IP subnets. It is common for the enterprise wireless and wired networks in our institutions to utilize different IP subnets.
  • Bonjour technologies also do not work in a scalable, sustainable fashion between different IP subnets. Work arounds such as Wide-Area Bonjour (DNS-SD) and Dynamic DNS updates have major scalability and security issues in enterprise networks.
  • For performance and security reasons, many of our institutions do not enable IP multicast on their enterprise wireless networks. This limits the usefulness of current Bonjour technologies.
  • The majority of our institutions' enterprise wireless networks utilize WPA2-Enterprise authentication and encryption. Current Apple TV's cannot connect to these networks even though the majority of Apple's other devices can.
  • The security method used to connect Apple devices to Apple TVs (a single password per Apple TV) opens the devices to "hijacking" by unauthorized users.

To their credit, Apple has already addresses the last two issues with a recent Apple TV update.

(Via Ars Technica)

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