Apple Configurator + VPP + Apps that Go Free For A Day

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I spoke with Apple today regarding how apps that have a temporary price reduction of free affects Apple Configurator. Here was the response I got:

Apple Configurator checks to see if the app is free at the moment you import the app into Apple Configurator. If a free app is imported and Apple Configurator finds that it is no longer free, you will be required to import VPP app codes for it. If the app is still free as you import it then it stays free forever on that particular computer. Each computer does this check independently.

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Greetings. I just found your site and I really really appreciate the knowledge on here. I am a project lead for iPads in the Palm Beach County School District ( This post really disturbs me as its totally opposite of what we were told in our district back in November. My question to you is, can you tell me who at Apple shared this with you? Is it official Apple Policy? Is there somewhere that has this information in writing? Configurator is a great start, but it has a long way to go!


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