JAMF integrates Casper Suite MDM with Apple Configurator. Will others follow?

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MDM maker JAMF Software has published instructions on using Apple Configurator to mass-deploy Casper Suite. (PDF link.)

The technique is straightforward. Configurator can install mobileconfig profiles as part of its deployment scripts. These are XML files that instruct iOS to set up particular network configurations, credentials, or restrictions. Automatic MDM enrollment is acomplished by creating two profiles:

  1. connect the initial WiFi network
  2. enroll to Casper MDM server address.

Casper helpfully includes a function to generate this second profile.

We've noted before that Configurator and MDM can coexist beautifully. Kudos to the folks ar JAMF Software for seeing things the same way.

We hope other leading MDM providers will follow with similar instructions. We also look forward to further improvements to come to Configurator, specifically a way to assign devices to MDM users.

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Others follow: Apple has published instructions on using Configurator to automatically enroll drvices using their own Apple Profile Manager.

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