Managing iOS Devices with Lion Server

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The eBook "Managing iOS Devices with Lion Server" is now available on the iBooks store and the Kindle store, and soon on

The $4.99 ($3.99 for Kindle) is a steal considering the weeks I put into preparing this. I really hope you find it useful.

I also wrote the official description below, and I think it captures it perfectly; there's not much about using Profiles for managing Macs other than remotely locking and wiping them (which is vey cool). It really is all about managing iOS devices.

Learn how to use Profile Manager, a feature included in OS X Lion Server, to configure and remotely manage iOS devices (including iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch) and Macs running Lion. With this eBook, you will learn how to use Profile Manager's web-based tools to configure user settings for services such as Mail, Calendar, VPN, and Wi-Fi; define passcode settings to prevent unauthorized access to data stored on your users' devices; and remotely wipe devices if they go missing. The Profile Manager uses the Apple Push Notification Service (APNS), so you can immediately push configuration changes to your devices, as long as they have some kind of network connectivity. Why do all the work yourself? Show your users how easy it is for them to use the self-service web portal to download and install the configuration profiles you've carefully crafted for them, and how to remotely lock or wipe their own devices without your intervention. This eBook includes the knowledge you need to configure your Lion Server to be an Open Directory master, use an appropriate SSL certificate, provide Profile Manager services, and perform basic troubleshooting.

It's 339 pages on my iPhone 4.

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Looks promising Arek.
It is not yet available for europeans, but I hope that it will be available for us too?


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Hi Maurits! Yes, it's available internationally through the Kindle link above. I don't have control over the publishing process, and I'm glad Peachpit it taking care of those details. It should be available through at some point as well.

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Great book

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We've been using this in our office, and it has saved a huge amount of time for us!

I would like a bit more info on the app deployment side of things: pushing apps to devices is a big deal for developers, and it has taken us quite some time to get it working better.

In any case, your book was phenomenally useful and I would recommend it to anyone trying to use Profile Manager


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