Zenprise expands our Comparison of Mobile Device Management Providers

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I'm very happy to announce that Zenprise has added their data to our Comparison of MDM Providers. We are now at 800 boxes with / ticks.

As this feature has grown, we've seeing some areas where we can improve the chart. Please visit MDM Comparison 2.0 Beta to see where we are going, and contribute your suggestions.

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Added Provided

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Hello all, with Ubitexx having been acquired by RIM, they are probably going to be a much more significant player. With my company being a Blackberry house, a proposed plugin to our BES is very attractive to us as we start adopting more iOS devices.

My first post, thanks all for a very comprehensive comparison

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exchange block policy

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Do you know which products provides the access control for the active sync..

for example, block access to activesync if smart phone does not confirm with enterprise policy. I know, mobile Iron supports this, but could not find any information about other products..

Can some one comment on this. If yes, how those products are enforcing it..is it as a proxy for entire exchange server.



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