Our 74-point Comparison of Mobile Device Management Providers

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You can't manage dozens, hundreds, or thousands of iOS devices without Mobile Device Management. Of the many providers, each provides the same basic features: inventory, mobileconfig, and basic management. So is there a difference among providers?

You betcha. From packaging, licensiing, support, scalability, enrollment and administration, the providers vary significantly. Some only manage mobile devices; others manage desktops. Some are only in the cloud, others are only in your data center.

Today we've re-released our Comparison of MDM Providers to include a full 74 points of reference. We hope it will serve to cut through the hype and help you make smart decisions.

Five vendors are included to start: Absolute Mange, Airwatch, Casper, Mobile Iron and McAfee EMM. We'll be adding others and filling in the gaps as we learn more. Your can help: edit the page (it is a wiki), or add comments, or E-mail me.

[Disclaimer: My employer Tekserve is a reseller of Casper and Airwatch (and we'd love to sell it to you!). Still, my goal is to maintain a chart that is as complete and unbiased as possible.]

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