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Can you pre-configure an app before deployment?

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Hello all!
I'm using Apple Configurator to deploy iPads with a third-party app installed as well.
After preparing the iPads in Apple Configurator, I have to touch each iPad in order to
configure the settings of the third party app.
Is there a way to pre-configure the settings of a third-party app before installing it
on an iOS device using Apple Configurator or MDM? If so, how do you do this?
Thanks in advance,

Microsoft Office Macro files on iPad

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Hi there.
I have a request to find a way to use macro files (xldm for example) on iPad. Is there an app for that? Never heard of any, couldn't find such information in descriptions to either Quickoffice, Numbers or Office2.
Help please.


Details! Enterprise iOS Meetup in San Francisco on 1/31/13

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Hello community!

Here are the details for the live, in-the-flesh Enterprise iOS meetup in San Francisco on Thursday, January 31. (I'll be in town at the MacIT Conference.)

When: Thursday 1/31 from 8-10 PM
Where: 83 Proof, 83 First Street, between Market & Mission
Who's Invited: All readers and contributors, present and future, of Enterprise iOS
Who's Buying: Tekserve!

When I started this sire two years ago I wasn't sure how long it would last. At that time, nobody had the job title "iOS Administrator." Now, we're over 20K unique visitors each month. Our Comparison of MDM Providers has been viewed over 220,000 times. And our forums receive a healthy number of questions and knowledgable answers.

I'm proud of how far we've come! Come help me celebrate, discuss the state of the technology, and directions to take the site in 2013.

Thanks to all of you who make the community what it is. Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday!


Useful Apple Links

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Really Useful links from Apple Support!! - Everyone who admins Apple devices needs these!

Originally by ipadmike.com. Please edit this wiki page to keep it up to date.

VPP Program Links

Business To Business
Join: http://www.apple.com/business/vpp/
Support: https://ssl.apple.com/support/itunes/vpp/
E-Mail: vpp_b2b@apple.com

Join: http://www.apple.com/education/volume-purchase-program/
Support: https://ssl.apple.com/support/itunes/vpp-edu/
E-Mail: vpp_edu@apple.com

Volume Purchase Program Education Store

Volume Purchase Program Overview

Volume Purchase Program FAQ

Apple Configurator: Using Volume Purchase Program (VPP) Redemption Codes

iTunes Store Customer Service - Volume Purchase Program for Business customers

Apple Configurator Resources

Introduction and how to video

Education Seminars and Events (Video Links)

About Apple Configurator 1.1
About Apple Configurator 1.1.2
About Apple Configurator 1.2

Download Apple Configurator

Apple Configurator: Backing up and restoring data

Apple Configurator Help

Apple Configurator - Using VPP Help

Apple Configurator - Coordinating Device Names

iPhone Configuration Utility Links

iOS 5 Deployment Guide (the guide for iOS 6 hasn’t been released yet)

iPhone Configuration Utility 3.3 for Mac OS X

iPhone Configuration Utility 3.3 for Windows

iOS Deployment Resources

iPhone Configuration Profile Reference

iPhone Configuration Utility Guide

iPhone in Business: Device Configuration Overview

iPhone OS: Enterprise Deployment Guide

iPhone Support: Enterprise

For Additional Questions:


Contact name/phone number
School name
AppleID being used

1.800.275.2273 - AppleCare Consumer Line
1.800.800.2775 - AppleCare Education
1.866.752.7753 - AppleCare Enterprise Server Support

iOS app developers for survey wanted

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Dear Community,

Related to my master's thesis at University of Koblenz-Landau - Chair of Media and Service Management (http://www.uni-koblenz-landau.de/koblenz/fb4/institute/ifm/agkilian/home-en) - I carry out a survey among Apple iOS, Android and Facebook app developers.

I would be very happy if you would participate in my survey, which takes about 10 minutes.

Here is the link to the questionnaire (valid until 03.02.2013):


Btw: Among all participants, we are raffling vouchers for Apple iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon with a total value of € 200!

Thank you for your support!

Kind regards,
Dirk Homscheid

Windows Domain password changed, but iOS wifi still works with old password

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We have the following network setup:
Windows 2003 & 2008 Domain, Exchange & AD servers.
Wireless running WPA2 Enterprise / 802.18, PEAP with AES across Cisco ISE with Certificate.

When a user is connected with an iPhone; pulling Exchange mail (with ActiveSync) & browsing the web changes his domain password on Windows based laptop/desktop, the iPhone Exchange email immediately prompts for a new password, but the wireless connection itself does not, it will after a reboot of device, re-enable of the wireless connection or fairly long extended period of time, this is obviously a security risk as outlined in post: http://enterpriseios.com/forum/topic/Exchange_Passwords_after_iOS_501_Up... - the reason for the new post is the difference in exchange mail prompting for new password, but wireless connection now.

Is this Apple iOS standard or is there a fix for this either on the Windows AD/Domain side or device config?

Resolution of conflicting restrictions or email settings

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How and where does resolution of conflicting restrictions or multiple email settings take place?

In theory, the resolution could take place on an MDM server or on the device. So where does it take place? I have seen reference to a file called the ProfileTruth.plist. What do people know about this file and where is it generated?


MDM for VPP, iTunes accounts, iBooks in large rollout

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I am assisting with the rollout of a large number of iPads in several schools.

For the limited pilots we have done so far, we have used MacBooks as sync stations and one Apple ID per sync station. We have spreadsheets of VPP codes to comply with licensing, but they are essentially unused.

Ideally we would like to do installation and updating of apps over the air and gather reporting data, and as such want to use an MDM. I really like the idea that specific groups will get certain apps. However, i am seeing several roadblocks that are due to Apple's restrictions and the limitations of their API:

- how can we push apps and app updates without requiring the kids to confirm and enter an Apple ID and password?

- how can we get all of these student iPads to look the same post deployment so that the teachers have consistency? Essentially folders would need to be moved, etc.

- how to view iPads like with ARD?

- Even if we were to stick with the sync station model, the new EULA for iBooks doesn't let us use purchased iBooks on all of the same devices. Textbooks will be a major component of this project.


Pushing certificates with Airwatch to authenticate on Exchange and corporate websites

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We are using Airwatch for ours iPad.
Users register to Airwatch with their MS Active Directory account. Airwatch pushes a X509 Certificate (based on the user account and issued by our MS PKI) on the device.

We have two use cases :
- users access email via MS Exchange Activ Sync : authentication is done using MS Active Directory user/password
- users access extranet web applications : authentication is done by CA SiteMinder using the iPad X509 certificate

If the AD password expires, users don't have the possibility to change it with the iPad. They need to connect to corporate network on the LAN with their desktop.

I have several questions

1) Can we use the certificate to authenticate on Exchange?
What we need to do on Exchange, on Airwatch (if necessary) and on the iPad?

2) Can we use the fisrt certificate pushed by Airwatch or we need to issue another one for Exchange with specific caracteristics?

Thanks for your help

What's the best MDM (in Germany)?

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we are a company with 150 blackberrys and 50 ipads. We are searching for a mdm for our global company. We have the solution airwatch and famoc but the support for airwatch is in germany very bad. The next hting is that famoc is good but the handling is very complex.

With famoc can we manage blackberrys and ipads.

What is the best solution currently?

MobileIron or an antohter MDM solution.

Thanks for your help

Kind regards

EDA annual mobile IT integration survey with Ryan Faas

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Hello EnterpriseiOS.com Professionals,

The Enterprise Device Alliance is conducting its annual Fall survey of IT professionals at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/B8HQV6D.

As always, we will share the results with the community.

This year, we're collaborating with Ryan Faas, a veteran consultant and journalist for Computerworld, to develop a survey that will discover how the pervasiveness of mobile devices and non-Windows systems has affected IT management in large organizations. Your experiences and opinions, collected in these survey results, can influence product development in solution providers and decision-making by enterprise IT management.

The survey is comprehensive and thorough. To thank you for your contribution we will raffle one $50 gift certificate for every 100 respondents. We will, of course, provide you a copy of the results. Please make a difference and give us your thoughts.

Please take the Survey here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/B8HQV6D

On December 12 at 2 pm ET/11 am PT. Ryan Faas will discuss the survey results with me, T. Reid Lewis, president of the Enterprise Device Alliance and co-founder of GroupLogic. This webcast will explore the results in detail, offering examples of how other companies are tackling the challenges presented by mobile device management.

Sign up for the Webcast here: https://centrify.webex.com/centrify/onstage/g.php?t=a&d=828848995

Questions? Write to us at info@enterprisedevicealliance.org For more information and past survey results, visit www.enterprisedevicealliance.org.

Thank you on behalf of the members of the Enterprise Device Alliance!

- Reid

T. Reid Lewis
GroupLogic, Inc.

Creators and publishers of:
activEcho: File Sharing and Syncing for Enterprise http://www.grouplogic.com/activecho
mobilEcho: Mobile File Management for iPhone & iPad http://www.grouplogic.com/mobilecho
ArchiveConnect: Macintosh integration for file archiving solutions http://www.grouplogic.com/archiveconnect
ExtremeZ-IP: Macintosh file & print server for Windows http://www.grouplogic.com/extremez-ip
MassTransit: automated file transfer solution for Windows & Macintosh http://www.grouplogic.com/masstransit

Pushing large files to many iPads at once

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I am new here but have a problem I am sure others have encountered or will encounter....so I wanted to see if anyone had any other suggestions.

We have the need to push a 500 MB video file to about 50 iPads as quick as possible. These iPads will be on a plane, traveling home. So, if it is a physical device using usb it must have a small footprint. We can create our own WiFi segment on the plane, however my testing below will show the issues there.

Testing the iPad2 and it's Wifi capabilites I have come to the conclusion that max transfer rate on the device itself is about 38 Mbps. I tested on a network that has 200 MB of bandwidth and tested with multiple iPads. So, if you have a 500 MB file you want to move to the iPad via WiFi it will take 105 seconds or one minute and 45 seconds. Here in lies the problem.....if you need to get 50 iPads that file..that download stream is not autonomous. Every iPad you join will denegrate that transfer speed and once you join 10 or so the transfer will take much too long.

If you had enough bandwidth for 10 iPads to join and all get thier own 38 mbps of bandwidth...why can you not tranfer to all 10 iPads in one minute and 45 seconds?

Thanks for any thoughts on this....

About the security content of Apple TV 5.1.1

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See the details here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5598

Free AppStore and Enterprise App Push by SimpleMDM

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Hey all!

We just wanted to let you know about a few new updates that we have made to SimpleMDM, a free iOS-only Mobile Device Management solution. SimpleMDM is designed to allow you to quickly and easily configure iOS devices with essential configurations such as WiFi and Email, and now, push Apps!

To learn about all of the capabilities of SimpleMDM, please visit http://www.simplemdm.com.

This update allows a SimpleMDM administrator to:

  • Select iTunes AppStore apps to be pushed to managed devices
  • Over-the-air deploy In-house Enterprise iOS apps, with automatic provisioning profile update handling
  • Effectively manage deployment of apps by groups of devices

Read more about how it works here: SimpleMDM App Deployment

The feature is free addition to SimpleMDM, and you can have an account set up and configured in minutes.

Note that paid AppStore apps (via VPP) are not yet supported, though the feature is road-mapped (let us know if this would be a valuable addition to your organization).

We hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to ask any questions in the comments below.

Matt Vlasach

Using iPhone on WiFi (only) to run SIP Voice Applications

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Hello all. Wondering if anyone else out there is trying to use the iPhone to host SIP-based voice clients. Specifically, to use the iPhone as a WiFi only SIP voice device.
We have been working on this idea for a while now at our hospital. We are replacing some antiquated DECT phones. We could just go with a newer VoIP phone set but there is a great interest in everything the iPhone can do on top of just voice. We are also looking at messaging (not SMS), reference apps, etc.

We are testing the unlocked (no SIM) iPhone 4S 16GB for hardware. We have tested the Avaya One-X SIP and CIsco Jabber clients with mixed results.
We will start testing the Vocera Connect app in a couple of weeks.
We have also talked to the folks at Voalte. It seems that they are laser focused on this solution (specifically for health care), but they are a little out of our price range.

We have also struggled to get out Cisco WLAN environment up to snuff to properly support voice. There is a big challenge making things right for the iPhone's WiFi since you will get zero help from Apple.

Would love to hear if anyone else is trying something similar and what experienced or advice you can provide.


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