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This page is to develop the next version of our Comparison of MDM Providers. Please add your thoughts below.

First thing, we're no longer to generate the table by hand. It's gotten much too big. Instead, we'll create a simple database for this. I hope to continue with the ability for members to edit the table themselves, however.

Each criteria should have a definition. The definitions could be displayed as tooltips, and/or as endnotes.


{| SaaS / Software as a Service. That is, the vendor runs a web app and customers do not need to install any infrastructure. Appliance / The service is available pre-installed on suitable hardware. The hardware will be installed at the customer site. Software / Win / Mac / Unix The service is available as software on the platforms listed. Virtual Machine / VMWare / XenServer The service is available as an importable VM for the listed systems. Reseller Theming / The interface logos and colors may be customized for resale (or for kicks). }


{| Device Licenses Recurring / Perpetual / Choice Are you billed once per device or repeatedly? Maintenance Optional / Manditory In addition to device licenses, is there a recurring maintenance charge? Support Bundled / Additional Is support included in the Maintenance charge? Support hours 12x5 / 12x7 / 24x7 Support is available at these times }


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