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NotifyMDM On-Demand and On-Premise will provide organizations and enterprises of any size with unprecedented simplicity in centralized management and control of their iPhone and iPad devices, to help address their needs for security, visibility, and device management.

Notify is committed to addressing today’s mobile device management issues and one key issue is the proliferation of individuals purchasing wireless devices for personal as well as business use. Notify has recognized the dilemma that exists within organizations and enterprises trying to manage their ever increasing number and type of mobile devices being used in their environments. These same organizations and enterprises are now concerned that they are in need of more security, visibility, and control of these wireless devices. Since many of these devices are personally owned the issue of control over business information versus personal information stored on the wireless device has become one of the top concerns to address. NotifyMDM provides IT administrators with the tools to manage and differentiate personally owned devices as well as corporate owned devices within the same enterprise or organization.

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