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Casper Suite 8.0 integrates full iOS Mobile Device Management capabilities into the Casper Suite’s comprehensive Mac OS X client management solution. Additionally, version 8.0 of the Casper Suite features integration with Microsoft SCCM (more to come on that in the next two weeks) and runs on a variety of server systems, alleviating recent concerns about the discontinuation of Xserve.


The Casper MDM module is part of the Casper suite of tools for Mac OS X management. It is packaged as a Tomcat web application that runs on Mac OS, Windows, or Linux. Unlike many other vendors, Casper MDM manages nay iPhones, not RIM or Windows Mobile. This makes the interface much more streamlined and efficient, but perhaps inappropriate for diverse installations.

They have mimicked the iPhone Configuration Utility in the web app, allowing access to every configurable setting.

One of the best features is a web clip that can automatically be added to the configuration profile. The web clip points to the Casper server, which hosts an attractive "recommended apps" page. This page can include in-house apps to be downloaded directly, or links to the iTunes app store. Apps can be set to be downloaded automatically to the phone. The result is effectively a self-service, personalized one-click app store for users.

Windows Software: 
Mac Software: 
Unix Software: 
Virtual Machine: 
Reseller Theming: 
Recurring License: 
Perpetual License: 
12 x 5: 
Includes Minor Updates: 
Includes Major Updates: 
12 x 7: 
24 x 7: 
Includes Support: 
Location-Specific Admins: 
Role-Based Admins: 
Active Directory: 
iOS App: 
Standalone Server: 
Open Directory: 
Require Passcode: 
Start On Date: 
Device Restrictions: 
Fail-Over Capability: 
Other LDAP: 
Load Balancing: 
User/Pass Upload: 
Exchange Account Seeding: 
End On Date: 
WiFi Configuration: 
VPN Info: 
Triggered by Inventory: 
Alert When Roaming: 
Recommended App Catalog: 
Remote Wipe: 
Remove Passcode: 
Alert When No Response: 
Push Web Apps: 
Remote Lock: 
Device Status: 
Alert on Forbidden App: 
Push Text Message: 
"Push" Retail Apps: 
App Inventory: 
Apple GSX: 
Microsoft BPOS: 
Device History: 
Web-Based Administration: 
Desktop-Based Administration: 
API or SDK for Administration: 
VPP Spreadsheet Upload: 
Android (Other): 
Windows Mobile: 
Windows Desktops: 
Mac Desktops: 
Linux Desktops: 


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