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Provider Info
+ 425 605 8857
Supports iOS 7: 
Supports iOS 8: 

Codeproof is a mobile management company that enables businesses to easily secure, deploy and manage mobile applications and corporate data on company-owned and personal mobile devices. Codeproof is headquartered in Redmond, WA.

Codeproof offers a cloud based-SaaS mobile management platform. Our enterprise mobility management platform consists of following:

- Mobile Device Management - MDM
- Mobile Application Management - MAM
- Mobile Policy Management – MPM
- BYOD manageability
- Subscription based – Pay as you go

Common Uses by our Customers
• Antitheft and DLP
• Device and App Restriction Policies
• App Distribution, Blacklist/Whitelist and Reporting
• Kiosk Mode Management
• Deploying Wi Fi, Email and VPN Configurations
• Device Asset Reporting
• Multi-Admin Cloud Console – Anytime Anywhere Access
• Platform extensibility with MDM API & SDK

About Codeproof
Codeproof Technologies is a leading provider of true SaaS - cloud based - enterprise mobile security and management. Our platform, which includes our patent pending technology, secures and provides the management of corporate data and applications on mobile phones and tablets.
Our vision is to keep the user experience simple and seamless, while providing a robust set of security and management features. With Codeproof's ease of deployment and management support for multiple device platforms, businesses can quickly ramp up their security solutions, managing both employee-owned (BYOD-Bring Your Own Device) and corporate-owned devices including COPE (Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled) from a single cloud console.

Codeproof Technologies Inc
Redmond, WA
Ph: 425-605-8857

Is the service hardware, software, or cloud?
Windows Software: 
Mac Software: 
Unix Software: 
How do you pay for the service?
Recurring License: 
Perpetual License: 
In addition to purchase, is there recurring maintenance? What does it include?
Includes Minor Updates: 
Includes Major Updates: 
Includes Support: 
How and when is support provided?
12 x 5: 
Are there features such as segmented administration and fault tolerance that help the product successfully manage tens of thousands of devices?
Location-Specific Admins: 
Role-Based Admins: 
Fail-Over Capability: 
Load Balancing: 
Device Enrollment
What methods are available for enrolling devices?
Web Portal: 
iOS App: 
Configuration Profile: 
Device Enrollment Program (iOS 7): 
User Authentication
What method exist to authenticate users?
Active Directory: 
Open Directory: 
Other LDAP: 
User/Pass Upload: 
Basic MDM Features
Basic legacy features common to almost every MDM platform.
Require Passcode: 
Device Restrictions: 
Exchange Account Seeding: 
WiFi Configuration: 
VPN Info: 
Remote Wipe: 
Remove Passcode: 
Remote Lock: 
Push Text Message: 
Advanced MDM Features
Less common mobile management features.
End On Date: 
Triggered by Inventory: 
Allow custom XML: 
Supervised Device Features
These restrictions are applicable only on [[Supervision|supervised devices]]
Prevent Game Center: 
Prevent iMessage: 
App Lock (iOS 6): 
Global HTTP Proxy (iOS 6): 
Website White/Black-listing (iOS 7): 
Prevent Manual Profile Installation: 
iOS 8 Features
Always-On VPN (iOS 8): 
Prevent Erase (iOS 8): 
Prevent Handoff (iOS 8): 
Managed Domains (iOS 8): 
Enterprise Book Distribution (iOS 8): 
App Management
Features focused on managing apps
Recommended App Catalog: 
Push Web Apps: 
Push Enterprise Apps: 
"Push" Retail Apps: 
Separate Managed and Unmanaged Data (iOS 7): 
Per-App VPN (iOS 7): 
Pull App Feedback (iOS 7): 
App Wrapping Available: 
App Developer SDK Available: 
App Store VPP Features
Features related to the iTunes App Volume Purchase Program.
VPP Spreadsheet Upload: 
VPP Licensing Integration (iOS 7) : 
Reassign App License (iOS 7): 
Administration Console
How can the system be administered?
Web-Based Administration: 
Desktop-Based Administration: 
iOS-Based Administration: 
API or SDK for Administration: 
Admin Notifications
How can admins be notified of issues?
Alert When Roaming: 
Alert on Forbidden App: 
Data Export
Data available for export, to CSV, etc.
Device Status: 
App Inventory: 
Device History: 
Other Devices
What other devices can be managed by the platform?
Android (Samsung): 
Android (Nexus): 
Android (HTC): 
Android (Other): 


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