prevent adding passcode?

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We are getting ready to deploy ipads in a shared environment. We are using Maas360 as our MDM. The only issue left is that there seems to be no way to prevent users from enabling a passcode on the device. A student could potentially configure a passcode and prevent the next person from picking up the ipad and using it.

Any way to lock them out of this? How are others dealing with this?

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Found I can wipe the passcode

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Found I can wipe the passcode from Maas360 on a per device basis, but it would be nice to not have to worry about it in the first place.

What I would give for surface pros and the wonders of group policy....

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There are a couple of work

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There are a couple of work arounds;
1) Make the passcode requirements very complex... it will discourage people from settings it.
2) Use supervised mode, this is what its designed for. Shared devices will be returned to your prepared condition after each user finishes with it.

Also depends what the iPads are being used for, you can lock it to certain applications if you wish also.

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You can always send an unlock to the device. But this requires more administration on your part.


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