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Hi everyone And special thanks for apple id batch script
i don't know what does this mean ?
Where should i sign in?
IMPORTANT: Apple uses a velocity check to prevent too many Apple IDs from a single IP address. You must contact your Apple business representative to request that your IP address is whitelisted for a short time.

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Apple allows you to create

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Apple allows you to create only a handful of Apple IDs in a 24-hour period, then they begin rejecting your requests. If you want to create more than a handful, you need to ask permission from the Apple Sales Engineer assigned to your business or school. The sales engineer will ask you a few questions, then forward the request to the mothership. It takes 24-48 hours to get approval, then you can create as many as you like for around 30 days.

If you don't have a sales engineer assigned to your account, I suppose you can call your local Apple Store to ask for advice. But it is likely they won't know what you are taking about.

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