Warning pop ups in iOS9

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In iOS9, when you run in-house apps, a warning pops up that the developer is not reliable, and you need to go to Settings - General - Profile and mark the profile as "trusted" to run the app. Is this the only way to run the app? How to prevent this warning from showing up?

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How are you installing the

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How are you installing the app? I haven't tested, but I believe that if you install via MDM the app is now implicitly "trusted."

Aaron Freimark, Enterprise iOS founder & GroundControl CEO

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We currently distribute our

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We currently distribute our app only via our website.
Frankly speaking, I do not quite understand how to distribute via MDM, but an option where we need to send a kind of a special invitation to each user doesn’t suit us – we need to enable them to download a build from the site and start using it. Are there any solutions to do so?

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MDM Required

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This is the new behaviour for iOS 9. It was introduced to clamp down on enterprise accounts being abused. The only solution is to distribute the app via an MDM. That way its trusted by default.

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The behaviour for trusting

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The behaviour for trusting enterprise Apps has changed in iOS 9 :

- if MDM sends a command to install it, then the App is implicitly trusted
- MDM can prevent users from downloading and running enterprise Apps from other sources as a restriction
- In the absence of implicit trust via MDM, the user now specifies their trust inside Settings -> General -> Profiles & Device Management.

Distribution via the B2B store may be a viable alternative, and it gives you more flexibility as to who you distribute to (as Enterprise in-house if for employees/contractors/near-equivalents only).


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