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Anyone have any experience with apps which get restarted after exit when running in single app mode.

We have found such restart to happen as expected when an app which is being run in single app mode exits, but not 100% reliably. There are situations in which the app will not relaunch and the ipad will display a gray box saying something to the effect that "Guided Access App is unavailable".

When does this happen? We have observed it when the app crashes repeatedly several times, but perhaps in other situations as well?

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Aaron Freimark

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I think I've seen it when the

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I think I've seen it when the app crashes 10 times.

Aaron Freimark, Enterprise iOS founder & GroundControl CEO

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Any Luck?

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HI marcmeyer, I've ran into the same issue. Sometimes the app will restart properly, sometimes it will display a guided access error message, and sometimes the app will be locked on the home screen in SAM.

Have you come up with a workaround or a way to restart (hopefully daily) a device in single access mode?

This issue has been forcing me to noticeably grow older Smile

Thank you for any help / tips / guidance.


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