Query regarding app distribution system

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Hello Everyone,

I have an question regarding app distribution system via app store.
I have an app on app store which interacts with a different client-servers at various locations. It functions like version 1.0 of iphone app will be able to properly interact with version 1.0 of the client-server. Now the problem is few of my clients are late/reluctant in upgrading their server to which the iphone users connect. Once I release an update(say 2.0 ) for my iphone app there are few client-server which are still running 1.0 version. And if the end users of these clients installs the update (2.0 ) for his iphone app (unknowingly, the client-server which he is gonna connect to is still on 1.0 ), he makes his app unusable.
how to deal with these types of scenarios?

Can I develop my new updates to the application which interacts with the server before upgrading themselves OR can I develop something which automatically rolls back the update if server version mismatches?

Kindly suggest how to deal with this problem!

Would extremely grateful for your suggestions.

Many thanks,

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Query regarding app distribution system

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Is this a corporate APP? or an App available on Apple's App Store? What MDM version are you using?

Tom Markham
MDM Deployment Engineer
Tangoe, Inc.


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