Provisioning Supervisor Mode outside of OS X

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Does anyone know anything about how you can provision a device into Supervisor Mode a la Apple Configurator on Windows or other platforms? Thanks!

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Aaron Freimark

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Our product GroundControl does exactly this.

Aaron Freimark, Enterprise iOS founder & GroundControl CEO

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Apple DEP can it too.

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Apple DEP can it too.

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DEP is far and away the best

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DEP is far and away the best approach to supervising devices at scale (even if you have a Mac with AC).

Completely OTA, you just need MDM.

It is the only way to make MDM enrolment mandatory and non-removable.

DEP + supervision means you can push iOS updates to devices in the fleet.

If the reseller you bought them from supports DEP, you can retrospectively enrol devices in DEP.

If the reseller you use doesn't do DEP, or at least has no plans to support it, find a new one. Wink


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