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I am working in a company that is extremely interested in deploying an in house MDM solution to administer iPhones for our employee. After a day of work, I have set up a Mac Mini with the server app and successfully enrolled an iPhone to the MDM and able to push profiles over the air.

However, using the server app provides us with an web interface which we believe to be not as flexible. As such I am wondering are there SDK or API which I can use to write some programs to automate the process. Currently, I do not have an Enterprise Account with Apple yet and I want to confirm if all these are available before signing up.

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Not really

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Profile Manager doesn't have a true SDK or API. But Charles Edge has posted how to interact with ProfileManager using Postgres SQL.

Alternatively, this site's MDM Comparison has a section on API/SDK for each MDM Provider. If you have more than 50 or 100 devices I'd suggest looking at alternatives to Profile Manager.

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