Prevent update to iOS 10

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We have around 1000 iPad Mini 2s that are about to be setup (reset, supervised, enrolled in Meraki MDM, VPP app install).
However, the app only works on iOS 9 and breaks on 10. Since we'll be doing to setup over the period when iOS 10 is released, we want to make sure that during the 'reset' phase, they get iOS 9.3.5 and not 10 (which will soon be the 'latest' iOS). Any way to prevent this from happening and make sure the devices only get iOS 9?

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Aaron Freimark

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Hi Jammmet. This is possible if you do some gymnastics with Apple Configurator or iTunes. Alternatively we just released a feature for GroundControl that may do just what you are looking for -- iOS update delay. Check out some details here:

Aaron Freimark, Enterprise iOS founder & GroundControl CEO

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Blocking updates

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Our schools have 1800 devices. We only allow updates when we update during the summer. This only works because we use a global proxy so they all connect back to our network. But we block traffic to via dns blocking. This allows us to download apps but block updates.

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Just use configurator

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You don't need any third party apps, just download the IPSW file from Apple (OSXDaily always have the official links) then tell configurator to use those at build. That process will be supported by Apple end to end.


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