Multi-tenancy for AirWatch and XenMobile own cloud??

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A lot of EMM providers are telling that they support multi-tenancy. That might be true for their own clould.
I got the surprise with XenMobile when we planned to build an own Community Cloud to serve different customers with EMM. Yes it is possible to administer different organizations, which cannot see each other, but if you want to connect Active Directory etc. then the multi-tenancy becomes complex. Citrix informed me that they are waiting for a new release to support multi-tenancy.
However, I would like to understand whether it is possible to configure instead AirWatch in a Community Cloud to run different customers inc. interfaces.
Does anybody can support me with this request?

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AirWatch Supports Your Requirements

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We use AirWatch internally as an on-prem implementation. We use the multi-tenancy to manage multiple organizations and regions within AirWatch.

If you do choose to use AirWatch to handle this, you'll want to make sure you work with them to build a proper Organizational Group hierarchy to support your current and future needs.

We have multiple directories, cert authorities, internal apps, profiles and roles published to different tenents. Even the administration can be segregated if you have distributed administration.

I hope this helps.

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