Muddying the Consumerization of IT

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This week published an interview with me on muddying the consumerization of IT. The story includes the following quote:

Interestingly, a lot of IT guys are rooting for Android. The reason, I think, is that there's some unexpressed hope that they can lock down the Android OS. They can put on what they want. They can do the monitoring. They can do the auditing. They can reconfigure and redeploy with their own image.

Of course, that's missing the point. It's no longer consumerization of IT, but goes back to the traditional models where IT has control all over again. If you think you have trouble supporting Android with its fragmentation now, just wait until businesses start getting a hold of the source code and recompiling it.

My point is to celebrate and embrace the tremendous innovations we've seen in the consumer space. Attempts by business to control these technologies only slow down innovation and make emoyees much less productive.

What do you think? Does this reflect the situation in your company? Please comment below.


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