Microsoft EMS - anyone use it?

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We're looking at migrating to another MDM, and with the Microsoft account manager courting us, they are pushing their EMS product.

I was wondering whether anyone uses it, and of so your experience with it. Also any comparison info against Airwatch would be appreciated.


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We've been setting up

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We've been setting up customers with MDM systems and doing integration work constantly for the past few years. Lots of Airwatch, Casper, Meraki, a little bit of Good MDM, sometimes just Activesync and a few others, but never Microsoft EMS.

David Acland - Amsys

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I've heard many people

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I've heard many people getting it pushed towards them, but no good reports of it.

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The rapid growth of

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The rapid growth of enterprise apps and complexity to protect company data has changed the way companies implement easy-to-use identity and devices solutions. Designed for employees to remain flexible and productive, Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) ensures that corporate data is secure. Aligning with Microsoft’s vision of IT that focuses on the person and not just the device, EMS is a comprehensive suite from Azure Active Directory Premium, Microsoft Intune and Azure Rights Management.


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