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Hi All,

I have been recently requested to add MDM application configuration logic into existing public iOS application available in AppStore.
The application is working fine as a separate IPA file signed with an Enterprise provisioning profile and I'm wondering if it is possible/allowed to submit the updated application to AppStore (signed with a standard Developer provisioning profile) and then install and configure it via a MDM server (e.g. AirWatch) from the AppStore?

I understand that it could be a problem with a Developer profile used for AppStore, but AirWatch still can download and install this application on any managed device.

For some reason I could not find an answer on the Internet and testing this approach is very time consuming.
So all answers/suggestions are much appreciated.

Thank you!

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Yes it's encouraged

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Yes, that's fine.

The OTA settings configuration of Apps by MDM is one of the most under-appreciated features out there by developers.

There are several Apps on the App Store that do it - some SharePoint clients, and JAMF has some public Apps as well.

It's a really pity it's not well adopted as it drives up Deployment costs for large enterprises greatly (who wouldn't want to pat $2.99 per seat to solve some business problem, if only they could turn off external cloud storage use in the App, rather than pay someone explicitly to write an App that did essentially the same things as a custom solution ?)

The WWDC session that introduced it is pretty clear this was intended to be used regardless of distribution method

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AirWatch still can download

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AirWatch still can download and install this application on any managed device.

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