Iphone Configuration utility for Windows?

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I am looking to deploy wifi connection profiles to iOS 9 users in my company. It looks like there was a utility called IPHONE CONFIGURATION UTILITY available for earlier IOS versions but it's not available anymore. Can someone pls advise what tool can i use on a windows platform (preferred) to create such wireless connection profiles for mass deployment ?

Thanks in advance

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Our product GroundControl may be able to help. It is designed to do a bunch more than install wifi profiles, so it may be more than you need. But it doesn't require Macs...

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Apple Configurator 2

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Apple Configurator 2 is the official replacement for iPhone Configuration Utility. That being said, it's only for OS X.

If you require a Windows solution, you'll want to look into 3rd party products such as GroundControl, as Aaron mentioned.

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