How to silently update enterprise app on supervised devices without VPP?

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We have a couple dozen iPads installed as kiosks at various locations, remotely managed via Meraki. We've used Apple Configuration to put the devices in supervised mode, however, we did setup a shared Apple ID that all the devices were logged into upon setup, and we also set passcodes on the device.

Our kiosk app is an enterprise app, and I'm pushing from Meraki by creating a managed app linking to our manifest.plist file.

However, as we push out updates, we're getting inconsistent behavior. What I'd like is to have the app silently update without any user intervention, which does sometimes happen. But sometimes it requires the user to accept the update. I don't believe we've been asked to re-enter the password, but I'm not sure, as I have to wait for the user reports to trickle in from the various locations.

Again, we're not using VPP, which is what all the silent update sources I can find seem to assume. Just a standard enterprise distribution app.

Would love any suggestions!

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Any updates on this?

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Any updates on this?

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Sarika Abraham

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Hi, Try this 1. Disable the

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Try this

1. Disable the KIOSK Mode of inHouse app.
2. Add a new App in KIOSK Mode (this will kill the instance of in-house App running in the iPad).
3. Disable the KIOSK Mode.
4. Upgrade the inHouse app.
5. Set KIOSK mode with upgraded in-house App

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Update app silently without VPP

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Hi ryanwaggoner

Try this:
1. Disable KIOSK mode of your Enterprise app.
2. Add a new app in KIOSK mode (this will kill the instance of enterprise app running on the iPad).
3. Disable KIOSK Mode.
4. Now update your Enterprise app.
5. Set the updated enterprise app as KIOSK.
You are good to go. Hope this helps.



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