How to Install iOS Apps Silently

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To install apps without prompting the iOS user, a few steps need to be taken. This article outlines those changes and provides additional gotchas to be aware of:

SimpleMDM Blog: Install iOS Apps Silently

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How to Install iOS Apps Silently

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However, to simulate the apps being "pushed" you can enabled the automatic download feature on the users' iPad and then when assigned an iPad app, the app will just show up.

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Install iOS App

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One of the most common requirements is the ability to install apps without requiring user intervention on the device itself. We wrote this guide to explain the reason prompts appear and how to avoid them, achieving silent app push and installation with SimpleMDM.When pushing an App Store app to a typical iOS device, there are two prompts that are typically displayed to the user before an app will install.
Systems Manager allows iOS apps to be pushed to devices without requiring a user enter a passcode for iTunes. This allows new apps to be installed on devices, without providing the user access to the Apple ID on the device, and greatly increases device manageability.
Other Potential Problems
In some cases, even with supervised devices and VPP app distribution, problems occur. Here are the common ones to look out for:
Some app licenses do not support device assignment. App licenses, by default, support device assignment. App developers retain the rights to disable this feature, however. On rare occasion, you may find that app licenses you have purchased do not support device based assignment. When this occurs, iOS will prompt the user for an Apple ID.


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