How (not) to promote your MDM solution

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Attention all MDM marketing interns. Congratulations!

It seems like only yesterday when you were fetching Starbucks for the boss. But today you've given an awesome responsibility: you're to promote your flagship product on the web. Trust me, the boss has given you this task only because he really trusts you. This is your BIG SHOT! Not only that, but you've discovered Enterprise iOS, a site like no other, and this is going to be a HUGE win for your company. Between you and me, your boss hasn't heard of this site, and will be so PROUD when he finds out!!

But wait! What to post?

Let's see. It is a technical community of professionals, and the readers would really appreciate deep knowledge and insight into this new industry. You could get the product manager to write some content, create some clean visuals to accompany the piece, and make sure it is all clearly branded. That would show your company's thought leadership in the field.

Nah, too much work. And you don't understand that geek speak anyway.

Much easier to pretend you're a customer, and talk about how your company in the third person. Yeah.

Sure, it is sleazy, and displays a stunning lack of confidence in your employer and their technology. But only if we find out, right?


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