Evaluating iOS devices/releases

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Hello! We're wanting to put together a model where we have a standard approach to evaluating iOS releases (major and minor versions) as well as new iPhone and iPad models when they're released. We have three main "sections" that we're needing to expound on: usability, supportability, security.

What do the rest of you do when new software and/or devices are released? How do you judge them as being supportable or secure in your environment?

Any input and advice is appreciated. Also, if you happen to have a template or document that details your approach, that is helpful as well!

Brandon Edling

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The device is really

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The device is really secondary in the scheme of things.

A. Be a member of a iOS Developer Program.

If you have not done this already, sign up for the iOS Developer Enterprise Program or the iOS Developer Program (as a company).
These programs provide you with pre-release versions of iOS that you test on (up to 100 devices).

Pre-release software is under NDA.

Read the release notes.
Read the Program License Agreement.
Visit devforums.apple.com. Great place to post questions on NDA topics.

B. Purchase following hardware, explicitly for testing.
- iPod touch
- iPad WiFi + 3G
- unlocked iPhone 4S

Once you install a pre-release version of iOS, there is no going back to the current GM. You can only install the subsequently released pre-release or next GM version of iOS.

iPod touch is a must for testing
iPad WiFi + 3G is unlocked you can opt to only enable 3G service as needed.
Unlocked iPhone 4S requires no AT&T (or other GSM carrier contract outside the US). Simply swap an existing MicroSIM from another iPhone if you need to test.

C. Mac mini server running Lion Server.
Perfect for running Apple's Profile Manager MDM solution.

Run the current GM version of Mac OS X Server on one partition, run the pre-release Mac OS X Server on a separate partition.
use a different hostname & IP address for each.

D. iPhone Configuration Utility (iPCU)

Use this to create configuration profiles. Handy for quick setups.

Test Plan (high level)
in each scenario, I would recommend creating the accounts by hand, installing configuration profile via iPCU & MDM delivery.

1. Exchange ActiveSync
- configuring account
- send / receive email
- test GAL lookup
- test SMIME signing/encryption
- test search against From, To, Subject, All.

2. WiFi
- different network types - open, wep, wpa/wpa2 personal & enterprise
- test WiFi proxy configuration

3. VPN
- test with corresponding VPN client from AppStore
- test for connectivity to internal & external websites when connected to VPN.

4. MDM
- test against your production MDM server
- test against Lion Server's Profile Manager

-- test inventory
-- test remote wipe
-- test clear passcode
(test every configuration essentially)

5. Apps
- test commonly used apps in your environment from the App Store
- test your in-house applications

6. MobileSafari
- test against your internal/external websites
- test basic authentication / NTLM authentication against your portals

This is by no means an exhaustive list.

- Scoosh


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