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Hello All

I am evaluating IOS Management options. I am currently considering using Ground Control and AirWatch to manage and provision about 100-150 iPads.

Do I need to be part of Apple’s DEP program with this? My job has purchased the iPads witthout DEP.

What are the benefits of adding them to DEP if I have Ground Control and AirWatch in my workflow?

What are the disadvantages of not using DEP?

Thank you for any feedback in advance

Andrew Marks

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Aaron Freimark

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Hi Andrew. GroundControl

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Hi Andrew.

GroundControl will work just the same with DEP-enrolled devices and non-DEP devices. You get supervision, MDM enrollment, AirWatch API integration to set users and assign organization groups, and more. There is one advantage, and only one, to using DEP with GroundControl: devices that are "stolen" and erased will use DEP to restrict activation, prompting for a company name and password.

DEP without GroundControl offers an advantage too: the MDM profile is not removable. That's a nice feature, but it is disabled if using GroundControl.

Hope that helps.

Aaron Freimark, Enterprise iOS founder & GroundControl CEO


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