Building an Update station for iOS

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Hello everyone,

Hoping someone here has an idea for me. I work with an IOS reseller and we provide technical support to end users. At the moment we use a caching server in each store, and mix that with manually updating customers iOS devices via iTunes. This is a huge part of the business, and we are inundated with customers requiring updates. This means our techs spend all their time updating devices rather than helping customers with tech queries.

I have looked into bring Apple Configurator 2 to streamline and improve the process, but does anyone have any better ideas on how to build a dedicated updates station? Apple Config 2 workflow works really nicely, but management don't want customers data to backup to our devices so I'm a bit stuck.

All we need it to do is: Plug device in, updates device. Preferably by itself. We can do it manually, but anyone have any better ideas?

Thanks in advance!


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Apple Configurator 2 has a

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Apple Configurator 2 has a command line option that can be set to automatically act on any connection iOS devices - cfgutil once you go to the Configurator 2 menu and select 'install automation tools' This could be as simple as looping through the command with a while loop in bash. (haven't done it myself, but seems like it would work)

This post may be helpful a post about doing automated actions with automator:, rather than on the command line.

You might also want to look into preloading the IPSW into configurator so the computer doesn't have to download them as devices connect unless say you are on a fast wired connection where it may not matter, since configurator downloads a new IPSW for each model of device connected.

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Group Control

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Check out ground control It would be excellent for your use case

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Why not use your existing

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Why not use your existing caching servers, and push down the OS update via MDM overnight?

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When you install an iOS update, it backs up the iPad in Apple Configurator 2?

I was not aware of that.


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