Apple Configurator 1.4.2 and Apple TV 6.0.1.

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Hello eveyone,

For my first post here, I find myself pretty much at the cutting edge of all recently updated Apple Stuff.

Apple Configurator 1.4.2
Apple TV 6.0.1
OS X 10.8 Server and Clients.
Profile Manager.
iOS 7.0.4

Although I've learned computers since DOS and System 6, I'm sitting in front of Apple Configurator and Apple TV and can't quite guess how all these payload that are useful to iOS iPads can be useful to Apple TVs which are new stuff to me.

I googled a lot, asked in discussion dot apple dot com, tried Youtube, Yahoo and even BIng...

How can all these payloads that are useful to iOS iPads can be useful to Apple TVs?

Is there a good walkthrough for Apple Configurator 1.4.2 and Apple TV 6.0.x?


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about apple configurator

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Hi! That payload used for connecting Apple TV to WPA-2 or any similar corporate wifi network. But you have to configure security site to allow Apple-Tv to connect Apple Time Servers. Just use mini usb cable in order to connect Apple TV with macbook. Then open apple configurator and load payload to Apple TV.

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