Airwatch agent update issue

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At work, we use Airwatch MDM and iPhone 6 iOS 8.
The iPhones have been imaged using Apple configurator and I believe we used the apple ID to download Airwatch agent 5.0.1 in the initial image

Now, 5.0.2 has just become available. If a user tries to update Airwatch agent from App store on his iPhone, he gets prompted for the password to He can't use his own Apple ID to download the update.

We then added Agent 5.0.2 to the App Catalog. If you try to install from the App catalog, it says Install, you press on it and then it says Processing... and then nothing eventually happens.

Has anyone come across something similar ?

Oh, and is there a way in Airwatch to stop iOS 9 from being installed? I don't want users to break their iPhones : )

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Nope, you cannot push apps

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Nope, you cannot push apps from Configurator which were downloaded by a different Apple ID and then update them with the employees.
This has never worked. They are removing the requirement for Apple ids in the future, but not yet.

Your only option is to delete airwatch and ask user to download the app again from App Catalog to gain managed status.

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In regards to iOS 9, you can

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In regards to iOS 9, you can only do it by blocking download urls via a vpn or using a proxy / or proxy pac rule file.

Why would it break their phones though?

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Hi Jakey, we have a similar

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Hi Jakey,

we have a similar issue with our environment, there are some applications from app catalog is not getting downloaded to IOS device, when the end user tries to download the application it says processing and nothing happens. this happens for both internal and public applications.

please provide your inputs.



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