8.1.3 'Broke' silent app push?

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Just wondering if anyone has this noticed this issue and the workaround.
8.1.2 and before
We could silently push apps via MDM and the app would install itself on the device as long as Automatic Downloads was turned on.
We can still push apps via MDM but they now appear under AppStore > Purchased. Now the user must search for the app ( recent makes it easier ) and install it themselves.

The issue. I have clients with 1000's of ipads in multiple locations that they want an app pushed to. Before this was easy, the apps would be available for use. Now each device must be touched to install the app. This becomes an issue with bandwidth, when 300 iPads are being picked up and 'installing' just before a meeting. Now someone has to run around and 'install' the app on each device so they are ready to go.

I've sent emails to Apple Engineering to see if this was a mistake or a 'fix'. Waiting on a reply.

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8.1.3 'Broke' silent app push?

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It is an intentional change in behaviour.

Consider the scenario where:

  • a user had already purchased their own copy of the app
  • you then issued them another with VPP
  • Automatic Downloads is on

When they enrolled in the MDM the personal and VPP versions would both attempt to automatically download and you would have no way of telling which won and got installed. Hence you could have some users with a Managed version of the app and some with a personal one.

The approved behaviour is now to default to turning Automatic Downloads off and the push the Managed App to the device. This way you now always have the Managed version rather that the user's personal, unmanaged, one.

Your MDM should have the ability to push an App out, and now do a Silent Install of just the Managed version, rather than requiring the user to search.

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Joshua Elvey

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8.1.3 'Broke' silent app push?

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BillGallop's recommended method of disabling automatic downloads and only pushing the app via VPP + MDM is best practice in our case also.

With that being said, I've recently run into an issue with AirWatch where apps deployed in that manner were still unmanaged somehow, so I would add, verify the app is managed after it's assigned and installed.


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