profile installation failed invalid profile (DEP)

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I have a DEP profile manually installed on my device attempting to enroll in AirWatch. I am testing my DEP, that is why I have it manually installed before pushing to all devices. I am getting a "profile installation failed invalid profile" when enrolling my device. Has anyone experience this and what was the resolution? I have a case open with AirWatch. Just wanted to see who else is/have experienced this. Thanks!

How to enroll a device in OS X Server Profile Manager via app?

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How do I go about enrolling a device in my osx server via an app downloaded from the app store?

Ex: user downloads my app from app store. How do I enroll them into my osx server profile manager for profile provisioning OTA?

Streamlined enrollment:US only?

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I have heard rumors, that the streamlined enrollment as announced for iOS 7 will be available in North America only. Europe and Asian will get support for this feature next year. Anyone can confirm that?

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