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I know there's not too much here yet. That part is up to you. Please add an App Review to our site. Apps and reviews should have a focus appropriate to this site: professional and technical, with a minimum of hype. See OmniGraffle for an example.


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Diagramming and Charting

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Though expensive, OmniGraffle is an extremely effective and unique diagramming tool.


It is possible, and even fun, to create extremely high quality diagrams with OmniGraffle. The key is to begin in freehand drawing mode, and then progressively refine the drawing. This is best done using multiple layers.

Finished diagrams may be printed (with AirPrint), exported as PDF or PNG or native editable format (compatible with OmniGraffle for Mac), or sent to an iDisk or any WebDAV server.


Stencils are predefined shapes, often defined with meaningful connecting points. They can be as simple as a circle, or as complex as vendor-specific rack equipment. Stencils exist for planning office space and iPhone app design.

Graffletopia is a fantastic source for hundreds of OmniGraffle stencils.


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iDesk is an all around great mind-mapping tool. If you need to diagram / spec out a project, consider this over the more expensive apps.

It features VGA out, sports nice email integration, the UI is pleasant and intuitive and the shape recognition is quite impressive. The only feature that I miss is pre-built shapes. The shape recognition is great, but sometimes you just want to drag a triangle from a pallet of shapes onto your canvas.

There is also a 'Lite' version for those of us who like to try before we buy (who doesn't?), but for $2.99, this app is a bargain.

Email and Calendar

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Remote Access

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Apps that allow remote control of a PC or Mac.

To-do and Task Management

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